Field and Lab Methods in Marine Science

Textbook: Notes and hand-outs and online reference materials provided by instructors

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding of sample collection, sample processing, analytical methods, and instrumentation commonly used in marine science.  
  2. Understanding of techniques relevant to biological, chemical, physical, geological oceanographers and environmental scientist.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to write field report as well as lab report.


  1. Introduction to Water  and Environment
  2. Chemical Properties of water: Colorimetry
  3. pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Water Hardness
  4. Field Sampling: Water for Nutrients Analysis
  5. Light and Dark Bottle Experiment
  6. Phytoplankton
  7. Zooplankton
  8. Nekton
  9. Sediment and geomorphology
  10. Satellite Imagery and Navigation