I got interested in teaching during my undergraduate when I took a River Monitoring and Mentoring class during my sophomore year. The class provided an opportunity to undergraduate student to mentor and teach 7th grade and high school student on how to perform water quality test and provide information regarding water quality and aquatic ecosystem. In this class, students learned details about river water quality and methods to analyze a variety of parameters. The college students then work with local 7th grade and high school students to teach them the same information. Students then traveled together to three monitoring sites on the Redwood River to measure the water quality. This project was focused on active learning, civic engagement, and collaboration with local schools. I volunteered with a Redwood River Monitoring and Mentoring project (class) every semester and was always excited to teach 7th grade and high school student.

During graduate school at LSU, I was a TA and also took one semester of Supervised Teaching for a graduate level core course ‘Chemical Oceanography’. I worked as a teaching assistant for Chemical Oceanography and Biological Oceanography. I have assisted the DOCS in creating and implementing a new class: Introduction to Marine Science: Field and Lab Methods as well as taught the class as a teaching assistant. I assisted in setting up a new undergraduate teaching laboratory in the DOCS. In fall 2020, I taught Global Environmental Cycles (Biogeochemistry, An analysis of Global Change OCS3103) as a sole instructor in the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences (DOCS).